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Scientific American Archive Online Information

Database title:Scientific American Archive Online
Database URL:http://0-www.nature.com.lrc.cod.edu/scientificamerican/
Database description:Scientific American Archive Online is a comprehensive, searchable science and technology resource containing the full text and graphics of every Scientific American issue from 1993 to the present. The archive features the writings and colorful graphics that readers of Scientific American have come to depend upon and enjoy. Each of the more than 4,000 articles in the archive is available to view online or to download in PDF, and presented exactly as originally printed in the magazine. In addition to the regular monthly issues of the magazine, users will find all of the Scientific American special issues included in the archive as well.
Coverage start year:1993
Available off-campus:Yes (with valid C.O.D. Library card)
Usage limit:None
Vendor:Nature Publishing Group